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blazers for men and women
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men's and women's blazers and sportjackets


Classic Blazers
Navy, Black, Red, Gray, Maroon - Burgundy, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, White, Camel, Gold, Orange, Purple and Royal Blue.
Men's and Women's blazers from $79.00


Augusta Green Blazers

Men's and Women's matching Augusta Green blazers from $95.00

striped blazers for barbershoppers
men's blazer - sportcoat  available in red, royal blue, gold, black, white, creme
mens and womens blazers

TV-Movie-Stage Wear Barbershopper Striped Jackets and Vests

men's sportcoat and blazers
carolina blue blazers
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Men's 100% Wool
Blazers and Sportcoats




This web site shows pictures of men's and women's blazers and sportjackets and suit separates available for purchase at the Blazer Depot  (

Blazer and suit colors include navy blue, royal blue, light blue, gold, burgundy (maroon), gray, bright red, artillery red, kelly green, seafoam green, forest green, hunter green, teal, augusta green, wheat, khaki, orange, purple, black, brown, tan, olive, red and white striped ...  and more!

In fact, if we don't stock the color blazer you're looking for, most likely we can special make it for you!  

We can even add your custom logo to the blazer!

embroidered blazer

Augusta Green Embroidered Blazers for Men


The Classic blazer is our most popular blazer. Available for both men and women, this is the ideal sport jacket for individuals and companies wanting an easy-to- maintain, good looking, wrinkle resistant blazer as part of their uniforms or career apparel program. Our most essential blazer, they are perfect for corporations, colleges, fraternities, groups and personal wear. These blazers are available in Navy Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Burgundy, Brown, Royal blue, Kelly Green, Orange, Gold, White, Purple and Hunter Green. Priced perfect from $79.00

Pink blazers and Carolina Blue blazers are fashion forward blazers with silver buttons - in place of antique gold - and cut shorter for the ladies. The Pink blazer is ideal for confident men and women, and the right color for breast cancer awareness month! The Carolina is a Light Blue (Powder Blue) blazer with a beautiful heathered fabric. For Men and Women.

The Augusta Green blazer is perfect on or off the court, at the theater or your favorite country club. As seen in popular magazines. For Men and Women.

The Country Club blazers are available for men only. These sport coats are made from Superfine 100% wool worsted fabric, and are available in navy or black, single breasted (two or three button style) or double breasted.

The Manhattan blazer is a men's only blazer, perfect for many types of singing groups and choruses. This jacket is made in a variety of "to be seen" colors, such as black, navy, white, cream, red, royal blue and gold, and is available in both single and double breasted styles.

The Windsor blazer is a durable Poly/Wool suit jacket type blazer, available in Navy, Black, Burgundy, Gray, and Teal. Perfect for men and women, it features contemporary styling with brass buttons and is available in a suit separate program for men and women with matching slacks (men's or women's) or skirts.

The Windsor is also ideal for individuals wanting to purchase a suit coat with a 2nd pair of slacks -
or for individuals requiring suits, but who wear a non-standard pant waist for their jacket size, and therefore find it difficult to purchase suits in stores.

The Madison Blazer is the top of the line blazer/sportcoat available for both men and women. Made in America, the Madison blazer is available in both standard colors (Navy, Black, Burgundy, Grey, Kelly Green) and hard to find colors such as Augusta Green and Artillery Red. The Madison is available in poly/wool blends, or can be custom made in your choice of fabrics.

Our Hamilton Blazer (new) is also made in USA out of the finest polyester anywhere, by America's famous Deering Milliken mill and available in Navy, Black, Burgundy, Gray and Kelly Green

Custom Colored blazers include special colors such as Yellow, Gold, Purple, Orange, Royal, White, etc., or any other color you might think of or want. Like the regular Madison colors, these blazers are proudly Made in USA

The Reunion blazer is a red and white striped blazer, the kind worn by barbershoppers, performing artists and musical groups around the world. These are normally worn with straw skimmer hats (available separately on our site) We also have red and white striped vests.

Our Boyfriend Blazer is actually any blazer that a girl decides to wear fashion funky. However we created a page of our models doing just that, rolled up sleeves with jeans and boots to give you an idea just how stunning and sexy a blazer can be when worn with the right attitude. Take a look!

In addition to men's blazers and women's blazers and sportcoats, we also have blazers available for children (also known as "school blazers" - or "school uniform blazers") and other school uniforms type items such as academic regalia (graduation caps and gowns) including doctoral and other faculty regalia; emblems - logos and embroidery.

The Blazer Depot offers group discounts on a variety of uniform and career apparel items such as tuxedo jackets and pants, eton jackets, dinner jackets and morning suits.


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