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blazer sportjacket logo Men's and women's career apparel, uniforms, blazers, sportcoats and upscale personal attire - including big and tall sizes.
Wholesale group pricing for corporations, organizations, churches and schools.

Now accepting individual orders!


blazers suits and sportcoats for men and women


Featuring Men's sizes 34-64 (including Short, Regular, Long, and Extra Long) and Women's sizes 0-30 (Petite, Missy and Tall), we have matching blazer jackets available in most every size available, including short, average, and big & tall.

Plus children's school uniform blazers and academic regalia - cap and gown sets - for students and faculty members.


school uniforms


Blazer Depot is your best source for wholesale career apparel, church usher uniforms and upscale personal apparel.

We carry a full line of blazers and sportcoats for men and women and children including many hard-to-get colors such as


Gold, Royal Blue, Purple, Orange, Gray, Brown, Burgundy (Maroon), Camel - Beige, Red, White, Hunter Green, Carolina Blue (Light Blue), Kelly Green and Augusta Green

green blazers

Men's and Women's Green Blazers


royal blue blazers

Royal Blue Blazers



pink blazers

Pink Blazers



Plus blazer jackets in navy blue, light blue, black, gray, seafoam, artillery red, wheat, forest green, black, tan and olive green.


Men's Gold Blazer

Men's and Women's Gold blazers


Full fit blazers are no problem for Blazer Depot. In addition to regularly sized blazers, we also offer plus-size blazers for men, plus-size blazers for women, and petite size blazers for women. Our men's plus-size blazers go up to size 64 and our women's plus-size blazers go up to size 30. Best of all, our plus-size blazers and jackets are available in the same colors as our regular sized blazers, from the traditional navy, black, gray, and burgundy to our new stylish blazer colors gold, purple, orange, camel, white, etc.


ladies funky purple blazer

Purple Blazers for Ladies and for Men




upscale white blazers

White Blazers for Men and Women


In addition to blazers and sportcoats, Blazer Depot also sells wholesale men's and women's formal wear (tuxedo shirts, tuxedo coats, tux pants, formal vests, etc.) and will be happy to assist you with your uniforms or career apparel program.


We work with companies, organizations and schools; churches, country clubs, choruses and bands; airlines, hotels and cruise ships; costumers, fraternal organizations and teams wishing to look their best!

red blazers for men

Red Blazers


Because we specialize in group sales (bulk orders), and offer blazer jackets and sportcoats at wholesale prices, a twelve-piece minimum applies to receive the discounted blazer price shown on each page. Samples or individual blazer jacket or sportcoat orders will be accepted for a nominal $5.00 surcharge.

In addition to blazers and sportscoats, we can also supply you with emblems, crests, and embroidery with your logo, for your school blazers or corporate blazer or career apparel / uniform program.


womens plus size clothing


womens plus size clothing

Men's and Women's Blazers including plus-size Blazers



For School Uniforms, Blazer Depot carries an extensive line of school blazers -- boy's and girl's blazers suitable for logos, bullion emblems and embroidery. Children's Blazers never looked better!

school uniform blazers

(Navy Blue Blazer shown with embroidered logo)  

School Blazers in Red





orange blazer for men

Men's Orange blazer


carolina light powder blue blazer

Carolina Blue Blazers / Powder Blue Blazers



women's burgundy blazers


Burgundy (Maroon) Blazers for Women



camel blazers for sale

Camel Blazers (Beige blazers) for Men and Women



Blazer Depot, your source for blazers and sportcoats, career apparel and uniforms for:

Sales Staff, Security Uniforms, Stadiums
Conventions, Colleges, Church
Choruses, Choir, Bands, Country Clubs
Corporate Apparel
Employee Rewards Programs
Hotels and Hospitality Servers,
Airlines - Ships - Cruise Ships
Reunion Blazers - Student Ambassador Blazers
School Uniform Blazers
Church Uniforms - Usher Uniform - Church Blazers
Graduation Gowns and College Regalia
Team Blazers, Fraternity Blazers
Washable Blazers and Personal Apparel

striped boater jacket costumes

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18-32 augusta green embroidered blazers

Men's and Women's Blazers with Emblems
Augusta Green blazers

Embroidered Blazers



gray blazers for women and men

Gray Blazers



royal blue blazers for men and women

Royal Blazers


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blazers in red for women

Women's Red Blazer and Men's Gray Blazer

by Blazer Depot



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