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bow ties and cummerbunds


Black Bow Tie & Cummerbund Sets
$9.85 per set for adults
$12.85 per set for children

Colored Bow Tie & Cummerbund Sets -
$11.85 per set adults
$13.85 for children

Banded bow ties without cummerbunds - any color - adults or children
$3.75 each

Cummerbunds without bow ties- any color
$8.95 each adults
$10.95 each for children

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Prices shown above are per piece or per set based on mimimum of a dozen ties or cummerbunds. For fewer than a dozen, add $10.00 small order fee.

Contact us for metallic colors or custom made cummerbunds, suspenders, four-in-hand ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs. Minimum custom order, 60 sets.